Waldar Weerman

My name is Waldar Weerman. In 1999 I graduated from the Free Pedagogical Academy in Zeist; training to become a Waldorf teacher. After my studies, I worked in various fields, including Waldorf education, the arts & recreation sector and biodynamic agriculture & horticulture. I currently work as an activity leader in a mill/bakery in Maastricht where I teach flan baking and tell history stories.


From 1 November to 1 April, I volunteered at the Werfklas in Culemborg. A special and heartwarming example of artistic and free education.

From 1 May, I will be working as a teacher at state free school "het Vasteland" in Eindhoven where I will teach the first and second grades until the summer holidays.


From 1 October, I will rent a studio in Culemborg and be part of the artist collective "the Cooperatie van Makers". A special workshop where tools, workspaces and knowledge are shared.

During the summer holidays, I will be running two courses in France (living and working community Ecolonie). On the one hand a children's workshop "make your own magic toy" and on the other hand a workshop for adults "make your own colour mood".

Priests' seminar

In September 2024, I hope to study at the priests' seminar in Stuttgart. All preparatory talks for this have now been completed. By giving lectures, selling my paintings and giving painting lessons, I hope to save enough in the coming year to start this study. A study where spiritual science (anthroposophy), inner schooling and esoteric Christianity come together. Movement towards religious renewal.

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