Program 2024

Waldar courses:

Wednesday 6 March: start first Wednesday evening painting course (until 17 April)

Wednesday 1 May: start second Wednesday evening course (until 12 June)


January 10: "The School of Athens" - aesthetic explanation painting by Rafael

Tuesday 12 March: "Corner of the veil" - Therapeuticum Rotterdam

Saturday 6 April: "Inner free schooling" - Vrijeschool Middelburg

Exhibitions Waldar:

Sunday 3 March: Exposition Easter time painting Christengemeenschap Veldhoven

November 2024: Exposition series of Passion paintings CG - Leeuwarden

Still in planning: Exposition painting series CG - The Hague

Still in planning: Exposition painting series CG - Aachen

Exhibition during Hans Stolp's next lecture - in planning

Story telling:

The Pied Piper of Hamelin (May -June - July)

Summer holidays - workshops

In the summer holidays, I will give two courses in France (living and working community Ecolonie). On the one hand a children's workshop "make your own magic toy" and on the other hand a workshop for adults "make your own colour mood".

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