I lived on the Wadden island of Texel for more than 20 years. I made a living from my paintings and mainly painted landscapes with oil paint. I applied relatively much texture in my work and often used a palette knife to "mould" the paint. I made over 500 of the paintings below, from which postcards were also printed and sold in bookstores. The paintings were for sale in a Gallery on Texel.

Colour moods

But I preferred to paint differently. No longer make representations but inner landscapes. Painting from colour, using Goethe's colour theory as a starting point and water-based plant paint. And making paintings with a function, for instance to support an illness or during bereavement counselling. Functional art and not just pretty pictures for above the sofa. Besides, selling and making my paintings was starting to become a kind of trick by now, and so I came up with a compromise. "If I'm so good at tricks why not take that literally?". I became a magician and then made a living doing that for 7 years. So in the background, I continued painting and researching colours and technique. Painting had no longer become my source of income, but of happiness.

Wooden frames

I started designing my own picture frames, which I made from all kinds of different types of wood. I also experimented with paint mixtures that I put together, until I finally knew, " This is it, this is how it should be...". Even though I wasn't yet satisfied with the result, I knew I was on the right track.

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