Painting course

1 May  

Does it seem special to you to create your own colour mood, complete with hand gouged frame? On Wednesday 1 May, the next course will start in Culemborg, working on your own painting on seven Wednesday evenings. It is also possible to teach the same course at any convenient location and then in two connected days.

I will make the wooden frame and painting panel in advance to suit and customise it. As a course participant, you will get to work with the glazing technique and I will teach you how to veil atmospherically and how to create your own colour blends. Each participant will receive their own sponge set. Meanwhile, you will gouge your own frame in the wood workshop and in the last lesson we will attach the panel to the frame.

There is room for up to 10 people and if there are enough applications, a group can also be started on another weekday. The cost is 350 euros incl. all materials, use of tools and coffee/tea.

You can also opt for the cheaper day version first. This costs only 50 euros per person (see day variant).

What will you learn?

how to learn to glaze atmosphere (veils)

how to make your own paint mixtures with natural pigments

different woodworking techniques (gouging, finishing, maintenance)

how to make your own essential oil and add it to paint

the special effect of 'swirled water' during the painting process

background information on art, colour theory and anthroposophy

The workshop is at walking distance from Culemborg station. For questions or registrations, please send a message to .

On Wednesday 1 May the second course of 7 Wednesday evenings will start....

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