Inner crusade

"My inner crusade has begun: the one from my head to my heart. I have decided to go on my way, all by myself. The rent has been cancelled, I have put my job, "prestige" and relationship all on the line. Why? To set off for the Priests' Seminar in Stuttgart to study. The road will take me past the Werfklas, a private Waldorf school in Culemborg, where I will continue my old work as a teacher for the next few months before continuing on my path."

This could so be the beginning of a book but it is my own story. What moves me to undertake something like this in these shaky times and to give up and let go of all my certainties?

(Life) art, pedagogy and esotericism

You can invite me to come and tell about my wonderful life so far in which I lived as a painter, as a professional magician, as a master, as co-founder of my own unsubsidised Waldorf school (the Mainland), as a magical toy maker, as an organic gardener, as a baker, as a mousetrap collector and so on. I talk about my experiences, setbacks and life lessons and what really moved, moves and inspires me. I also give lectures on art, pedagogy and esotericism.


I only ask for a voluntary contribution and a travel allowance. Nothing else...

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