The world is moving...

We are living in an extraordinary time. More than ever, we will face the question of good and evil, between light and darkness. Both in our own inner lives and in the political and economic spheres. The more we become aware of the new tasks, the more we can contribute to the coming of an era of love and peace on earth. We can learn to live from our centre, from our heart, from our higher Self. In that middle we find a peaceful balance, full of transparent colours, warmth and quiet melodies. I want to start contributing in my own way. By painting, giving lectures and studying again.

Priestly acting

I have decided to walk my own, contemporary crusade: the one from the head to the heart.... The world needs kind eyes, listening ears, people with a wise outlook on life, but above all people with an open heart. I would like to study at the Priests' Seminar in Stuttgart because there, under good guidance, I can learn how to open my heart and learn to act priestly. This training is linked to a religious renewal movement that emerged after the suffering of the First World War. Some young theologians asked Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy, whether a renewed Christianity would be possible, a new cult as the basis for a new culture. He answered them. "The Christian Community" came into being: movement towards religious renewal. A spiritual impulse based on true freedom....

Study costs

By selling my paintings, donations and giving lectures, I hope to save enough together to go on my study path. The course itself amounts to 30,000 euros (including accommodation and food). In addition, travel expenses will be incurred, books will be needed and, in the background, insurance and other things will quietly run on. Large sums, in other words. With a target amount of 10,000 euros, I could already start the training. You can help me bear these costs. That would be great.

A personal painting

By supporting me financially, you not only help me, but also the world and the bigger picture. It will bring joy to both of us. For every donor who donates more than 250 euros, I will make a personal painting with hand-gouged frame out of lime wood. Of course, smaller amounts are also welcome. At the moment, quite a few donations and commissions for paintings are already coming in. I am very grateful for that. Just don't forget to pass on your address details as well. After all, I send each donor a set of cards with colour voices as a gift.

A story in colour

Imagine warm colours on the wall, a mood without representation, a painting to dream away in. Soft bright light seems to radiate from the canvas, another world emerges. How is that possible? The painting wants to tell us something.Whispering tones, sparkling hues. Only those who are silent can hear and understand. All this I offer you. A story in colour...

How does it work?

Transfer an amount to the account below. Send me a message and tell me your story. Let me work in silence and once the colour mood is finished, you will receive a message and we will make an appointment. I can send the painting to you or you can come and pick it up in Culemborg. I will then also show you my studio, the wood workshop and, if you like, the school.

What if?

Should my path turn out differently than expected, and my study plans change, the amount saved will be donated to Waldorf School de Werfklas

Together we colour the world

By donating, you not only help me but also the world and the greater good. Together we will give colour to the world. And that will give us both great satisfaction.

Bank details:

W.P. Weerman

NL41 TRIO 0338 4987 45

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