Flowforms modelling course

For my paint mixtures, I exclusively use vertebrate water. That is water that has been set in motion and thus becomes "alive" again.

Revitalising water

There are several ways to revitalise water. I personally use a glass water whirlpool for this, but another possibility is to make water flow through a flowform.


Flowforms are a kind of water bowl that you can use to guide water in a lemniscate shape. The water swings from one side to the other, also known as "swinging", and there are plenty of models that you can also use for natural gardens and for ponds.

Indoor model

My wish is to soon expand my painting workshops to include the possibility of modelling an indoor flowform model, which can be used for the painting process and thus be used to make your own swirled water. An earthenware bowl in which your homemade flowform fits exactly, with a possibility to store your brushes on the side.


Would you like to participate? Participation costs 350 euros per person, including course days, materials, organic lunch, heating costs and assembly. Would you like to be kept informed or to reserve a place : please send a message to:

Location and dates to be announced later....

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