Wouter Weerman 

Wouter Weerman ( Groningen 1976)

In 1999 I graduated at the Free Pedagogical Academy in Zeist. During my studies I was introduced to organic painting. Back then I also met Ad van der Lugt. I took classes from him weekly where he taught me the basic techniques of painting color mood paintings.

After having worked as a teacher at a Waldorf school for a couple of years, I decided in 2003 to dedicate myself fully to art and painting. With help of 'Kunstnaars & Co' in Amsterdam and the so called 'WIKK' regulation I managed to become an 'independent working artist'.

From the moment the Waldar Foundation was founded I work for the foundation on a voluntary basis. I donate my color mood paintings to the foundation. The proceeds of the sales are for her. To earn a living for myself I paint landscapes and flowers which are mostly sold on the Island of Texel. Here Blok van der Velden (1913-1980) is my formost tutor and source of inspiration.


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